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The Eton townhouse, another Tamarack Model Home designed by Modecor and Sonya Kinkade Design flaunts the most conservative interior design of the seven model homes. Basing the overall look on an updated Craftsman Style, allowed us to incorporate rich wood, traditional dark colours and mostly linear furnishings. The Eton, like the other model homes, The Dover, The Oxford, The Madison, The Hudson and The Chelsea, has a combination of standard and upgraded finishes. The darker walnut cabinetry, walnut floors and black quartz balance well with the lighter floor tiles, cream quartz and faux brick fireplace surround. The introduction of traditional fabrics, patterns and textures compliment the overall classic style of this town house.

The Floorplan

Very little was altered in the Eton floor plan. However, we did endeavour to add fabulous details to the kitchen cabinetry, such as a built-in wine rack, mullioned glass fronts and custom range hood. The original raised island counter was eliminated in favour of a flat counter.

Eton floorplan

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.52.43 AM
The Finishes

Rich walnut in mission and shaker cabinet doors set the tone for the remaining finishes in this traditional model home.

finishes 1

Fabric, Furniture and Accessories

To compliment the overall Craftsman theme of this model, we chose fabrics in rich reds and greens in updated traditional patterns. Although the kitchen dictates a mostly linear design, we introduced circular elements with the lighting in warm metal finishes and round tables with simple design and in some cases, bold red lacquer.

eton collage 2

The Entrance


The Kitchen, Dining and Living Space






 The Master Bedroom



 The Master Bathroom



eton collage

All Photography: Charlene Burnside Photography 

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.34.18 PM

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The Chelsea, another compact yet spacious Tamarack Model Homes town house, features mostly standard finishes. If you have seen the previous models, designed by Sonya Kinkade Design and Modecor, you will notice The Dover, The OxfordThe Madison and The Hudson had a selection of standard and upgrade finishes as a jump off to creating an affordable, comfortable and unique house that buyers could appreciate. The Chelsea was designed to inform potential buyers that choosing standard finishes need not imply that a home will be boring. In fact exactly the opposite was achieved. We decided this home would be our contemporary Black and White model. By adding tons of texture, pattern, warm finishes, themed artwork, wallpaper and elements of the unexpected, we created a home that surrounds and compliments the more affordable standard finishes.

The Floorplan


The floor plan shown above is the mirror image of the actual Chelsea Model at Poole Creek. Because this was the model home chosen to have the least upgrades, very little was altered in this floor plan. The first floor fireplace however sports an upgraded floor to ceiling porcelain tile surround.  Unlike the other models, the raised counter on the kitchen island remained as did the standard fireplace surround in the finished basement.

The Finishes

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4.23.48 PM copy

Choosing mostly standard finishes allowed us to maintain the allotted budget for the Chelsea model. Standard oak floors, laminate counters, flat panel doors, and porcelain tile were chosen for the kitchen finishes. The only upgrade in the kitchen was the glass tile backsplash.

Fabrics, Furniture and Accessories

Chelsea inspiration

 Living Room, Dining Area and Kitchen








chelsea vignette

 Powder Room Wallpaper


 Master Bedroom and Bath



 Finished Basement


chelsea vignette

 All Photography: Charlene Burnside Photography

The Eton model will be the next featured Tamarack Model Home

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.34.18 PM












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The Madison

The Madison, the third single Tamarack Model Home at Poole Creek in Stittsville, is undeniably the most eclectic in it’s design. Sonya and I decided that each model home would have a designated $$$ value and a unique personality.  The smallest of the three singles, the Madison, had a $ value assigned which meant there were more standard finishes chosen. Thankfully Tamarack has a wide selection of standard finishes, but the unique and eclectic design elements woud be achieved with colour, fabric, furniture, lighting and accessory selections. We decided this home would be edgy with a blue, orange and white colour scheme. To follow along with the introduction of the model home designs by Sonya Kinkade Design and Modecor click here for a brief background, and the introductions of  The Dover and The Oxford  .


THE FLOOR PLANSScreen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.01.12 PM


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.32.23 PM



To create more efficient traffic flow in the kitchen, we took out the peninsula with the raised counter and added an island with a flush counter. We also removed the cumbersome pantry wall dividing the kitchen and great room.  Wine cubbies, corner display cabinet and ceiling to counter glass cabinets were incorporated into our design. The island counter was dressed in solid walnut, while the perimeter counters were upgraded with quartz.



The entire process for choosing every single design and decor element for each model home began with the finishes selection. Below are the final Madison kitchen finishes. All other finishes throughout the model where chosen to coordinate with these. The Shaker white cabinets, Mirage, cream/white subway tiles and the Mirage Savanna Maple floor are standard finishes. The Snowden White Quartz and Walnut Butcher block are upgrades. We felt it was important to show potential Tamarack clients that combining mostly standard finishes with a few strategic upgrade finishes will yield a fabulous end result without breaking the bank.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 10.05.48 AM


As mentioned above, The Madison was dressed in an up to date white, orange and blue palette. Pattern, texture and colour with a strong dose of natural wood and warm finishes  ensured that The Madison’s spacious and open floor plan would have comfy, family appeal. Below are the original mood boards depicting the look we were going for.





Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 1.02.42 PM
























Photography: Charlene Burnside Photography 

Designers: Sonya Kinkade Design and Modecor

Builder: Tamarack Homes 


Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.34.18 PM

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Will There Be More Grey Hair?… An Update

Stuff is happening…lots of stuufffffff!!!!

If you recall, we are downsizing to a condo, which is currently being built and will be move in ready in late winter early spring 2015. I have spent many hours choosing finishes and designing new furniture on paper for the condo, with the plan to execute the designs this fall. Our unit is on the 15th floor, one of the units shown on the far left with the balcony under construction, with all the windows that butt up to the green. Our current home will go on the market when we feel the timing is right after conferring with our real estate agent.


I have also been working this past year with Sonya Kinkade Design on 7 Tamarack Model Homes. The original Grand Opening was to be this past February, which got moved to May, then Labour Day weekend and now mid September. SKD and Modecor have met every timeline, but there have been construction set backs which has meant furniture delivery was put on hold. We are now in the process of receiving the furniture and placing in all the homes. This has been a daunting task to say the least. Scheduled deliveries have been delayed, items are missing or incorrect, which means reordering, which means more waiting. We are also continuing to source the ‘finishing touch’ items such as mirrors, lamps, cushions, artwork and accessories. There are upwards of 45 rooms to be furnished and decorated before the Grand Opening…a huge undertaking but ultimately rewarding as we see the rooms come together as envisioned. Below is a very incomplete sneak peek of  the girls room in one of the models. Professional photos of the completed rooms will be on this blog and Sonya’s blog a bit later. You will be blown away, I promise!

IMG_0349  1

Skip forward to July 11th when my husband found out he would be headquartered in New York City for up to 3 years and perhaps beyond. Ok then…what to do? We decided to expedite the listing of our current home, help our youngest daughter purchase a condo that she will share with a room mate and sell the condo in TO. Did I mention that we were also prepping to host our annual Break Family Reunion at the cottage?  My new mantra …”let’s get her done and worry about how I feel about all this later”. After the announcement of my husband’s new position on July 21st…my prep jets came on full blast. I had to organize in my head the things that had to be done first and proceed in a methodical matter. Thankfully our temporary accommodation in NYC, a fully furnished one bedroom/bath in Manhattan, was being looked after by my husband’s office ….phew!

It must be noted that we were in a really great position in that we did not have to sell or move by a certain date.

1. prep for family reunion  weekend Aug 1st-4th

2. Contact our real estate agent ….THIS IS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN ….NOW!!!

3. start looking at condos with Danielle…my baby is moving out on her own

4. begin purging basement and 3rd floor of our house…many many visits to Value Village

5. clean and tidy house for listing photos….has never looked so great so I hired my own photographer to take photos for my website

6. delegate my sisters to finalize menu for reunion…. we will eat very well

7. talk to agent about listing condo in Toronto …out of my hands, but need to strongly suggest to daughter #2 that she and her room mate start cleaning

8. don’t forget to eat three meals a day and go to bed at night ….also, wine helps

9. contact family and friends about our move to NYC … great responses, made me a bit teary

10.continue sourcing and shopping and set up of the model homes…I can do this, I LOVE doing this

11. proceed ahead without Mike being anywhere near Ottawa…I can do this too, have been doing this for 33 years

…and last but not least, Grammo and Grampa had been asked to look after Jaxson one weekend, which actually made all of this madness much more bearable. As you can see, someone likes to lick the espresso foam out of our coffee cups, and I can tell you right now, I am not the one who taught Jaxson this new morning ritual….We are sooooo going to miss this blue eyed, never sits still, sometimes likes to cuddle, makes the best facial expressions ever, almost one year old life changer. Sigh!

IMG_2190 111

So the family reunion went off without a hitch, except Mike got stung by a hornet which had taken a detour inside his baseball cap and not 10 minutes later my mother tripped on our pathway upon her arrival and ended up with a broken bone in her wrist. Despite her very swollen and incapacitated right arm, my Mother who turned 87 a day after our reunion, Aug 5th, was treated like a queen (and rightly so) by all members of the family, including my 88 year old father, all of her 9 grandchildren and her 3 adorable great grandchildren.


Danielle’s condo purchase was finalized the week after the reunion..yay! Our house went on the market August 6th, during our one week holiday at the cottage. On August 13th there were rumours of an offer. On August 14th, 2 more offers were in the works. On August 15th I signed on the dotted line…our house was sold within 8 days, no conditions with a closing date of Sept 30th. I was thrilled to learn that the couple who bought our house truly love it . For some reason, that put my mind at ease.  All of this was completed while Mike was in his NYC office, at the ready with a phone. I plan is to write a post about the process of selling our home. We had an excellent agent who walked us through the entire process.

IMG_2221  222

I have decided that for the next two weeks to concentrate solely on the Model Home set up. Next on the agenda…determine which furniture is stored for condo and disperse the rest to the girls. Although ‘I am Woman’ and I can do all this, I am not going to be a hero…I am hiring packers and movers for Danielle’s move, and our storage move. I hope to move to NYC with no more grey hair than I already have.


Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.34.18 PM




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