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Toronto Condo

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This two bedroom, two bathroom Toronto condo was shared by an executive dad who travels extensively and daughter who is working in Toronto. A bonus sunroom with sliding doors, provided a space for a desk and a Murphy Bed for visiting family. Intended as a short term investment, an economical decorating budget was essential. The space needed to satisfy two people, with different needs. Dad who was only occasionally there needed a private space and comfortable TV viewing, while daughter needed her private space, her stuff to be displayed, and perhaps to entertain.

The solution was to have neutral wall colour, which is ultimately better for resale, use as much pre owned furniture as possible and be budget conscious about other items. The dining table, beds, dressers, assorted side tables, TV stand and area rugs were existing. As with most clients, I suggest items such as sofas and chairs be bought with longevity and maximum comfort in mind, while occasional pieces should be sourced more judiciously. This condo has a mix of neutral coloured, mid range, long term pieces, and functional, less expensive items. Pops of colour, pattern and texture are added with toss cushions. Most of the artwork was produced by the daughter, with a few posters and DIY pieces added in to cover bare walls. A DIY basket pendant hangs over the dining table while IKEA shelves are not only functional, they add visual interest to the dining area.

This condo recently sold, and most of the furniture has now moved on to another space.

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