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Maureen Coates

  • Certified Interior Decorator
  • Design Consultant
  • CDECA Member
  • TCE Certified

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Maureen Coates

Certified Interior Decorator
Design Consultant
CDECA Member
TCE Certified

I have always had an inherent interest in design and decor, in fact I started my professional career as a graphic artist. After being a stay at home mommy for 19+ years, I went back to school part time to become a certified Interior Decorator. I started MODECOR 6 years ago to provide Interior Decorator and Design Consultant services in the Ottawa area.  My personal interest in small spaces has now been transferred to my business model.  It is possible to have huge design and functional impact in small spaces. My own downsizing to a condo experience will be documented on the MODECOR Blog.

I am a huge proponent of colour. I believe in surrounding yourself with the things you love. I’m also a huge advocate of editing spaces. Negative space and positive space are equally important in design and decor. I do not follow trends. You should love the space you inhabit. 

I have been published in Ottawa at Home Magazine, Ottawa Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen and have appeared on local TV with 6 other designers, The TBBs as we talked about seasonal decor. I am an accredited CDECA member and have won a CDECA Decorating Award. My huge interest in colour and undertones led me to become certified as a True Colour Expert  /TCE through colour guru Maria Killam’s excellent colour courses.


Design Consultation

You are having difficulty choosing colours, your kitchen isn’t functional, and you’re not sure how to choose furniture for your new condo. I am a Certified TCE (True Colour Expert) and I know how to make your space work for you. Texture, colour, pattern, fabric, shape, and size all matter – as well as your aesthetic and lifestyle. Let me help you love your small spaces and embrace your surroundings!

Downsize Design

You have too much stuff. You’re not sure how to incorporate favourite items in your smaller space. You may be wondering how your smaller kitchen and living spaces will function.Your options are plentiful. I can design your space sourcing new furnishings and I can help you edit, reuse, re-purpose, and renew your current furniture. Storage is paramount and incorporating multifunctional furniture will help. I’m here to ensure you achieve a smooth and successful transition for your downsize!

Design Management

You’re not sure where to start. You have no idea how to choose and coordinate your finishes and the entire downsizing process is causing you anxiety. Let’s take this one step at a time and start at the beginning. Permanent finishes need to be chosen with longevity and budget in mind, but you have to love the results too. We’ll go through the process in an organized manner, relieving your anxiety and leaving you happily with the intended result.

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